Steward of Green Spaces

  • Farm Inc. is one of the earliest and most established landscaping companies in the Philippines. As a steward of green spaces since 1963, they continue to preserve the lushness and vitality of indoor and outdoor garden spaces in the best way they know how. With more than 30 years of experience in the landscaping industry, they are one of the few companies who offer a complete selection of landscaping services. From landscape design conceptualization to execution, they have their clients’ interests at heart.

The challenge

  • Having spent so much time in the industry, Farm Inc. was ready for a change. We were tasked to revamp their website. The company’s lengthy run was a driving point in creating a new brand identity and company strategy. With priceless experience in the landscaping industry, it was important to remind present and potential customers that they spent over 50 years honing their craft. Their track record should speak for itself and we wanted the website to reflect that.

The solution

  • We wanted to take an in-depth look at Farm Inc. and find out what made them tick. We wanted to learn all about their company culture to see what made them so successful over the years. We spoke to everyone on the team, from the management to the employees. After the data gathering process, we incorporated our findings to their visuals and communication guidelines. We also went to 13 different sites to take photos of how they build, develop, and maintain their projects. With more than so many years of success under their belt, we used a full-grown tree to symbolize their stability, experience, and knowledge. Moving on to the creation of the updated brand strategy, we blended company traditions to more modern principles. We then made a brand strategy adapted to the trends of today while staying true to the company values.


  • Research and Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Brand strategy
  • Logo design
  • Identity systems
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Website design & development