Rockwell Club

The Rockwell Life & Style

  • The famed Rockwell Center opened its gates to the public back in 1998 and within a year was able to create a gentle, leisurely setting for city living. That was an accomplishment that has now become the gold standard for developments throughout the Metro. Just a year after, the team began to take the signature Rockwell experience even further. With a top team to oversee everything, from hiring the service crew to choosing the china, they were ready to begin their new venture. Today, the club remains to be one of the most exclusive yet sought-after lifestyle clubs in the Metro.

The challenge

  • The mission was to create a clean looking website that incorporates Rockwell Club’s identity, sophistication, and colors. The website had to be classic yet edgy.

The solution

  • We were determined to apply the same keen eye for detail it took to make the Rockwell Club and apply it to the website. We knew we wanted to approach this project with a holistic approach.We studied the architecture of the club to know more about their design philosophy. We learned more about their brand by talking directly to key personnel in the organization. Before finding the perfect design, we came up with various design iterations. From crafting a simple yet flawless user experience to creating a website with the same distinctive look as the Rockwell Club, we wanted to make sure we were developing a website that addresses all of our client’s requirements. Never forgetting about functionality, we made sure that the site is both mobile and tablet friendly.


  • Research and Strategy
  • Content planning and mapping
  • Interface design
  • Website development
  • Custom CMS development


Rockwell Club