Rosary of the Nations

Connecting prayers around
the world

The challenge

  • Rosary of the Nations is a website that helps connect people from all over the world through the Holy Rosary. It is an online community that helps visitors share their intentions with others, worldwide.  Bridging one user to another, Rosary of the Nations is a platform where visitors can easily share their prayer intentions, as well as help others with theirs.

The solution

  • With that goal cut out for us, we wanted to create a website that anyone can use. Making sure it is easy to use and simple to understand, we wanted to make something that was straightforward yet interactive. Bridging faith with technology, we aimed to think out of the box. A virtual Rosary chain, we wanted to find a way to let users upload their prayers through recording. A Global activity, each Rosary can be prayed by 74 languages by 74 members from 74 countries including the Vatican City. Beginning with a Latin recording of the Credo from the Pope and followed by the first Our Father in the local language of the petition owner. The concept is simple. Visitors just post their intentions and let others from all over the world complete the Rosary for your intentions. The website makes it easy to record and upload Rosary prayers in their chosen language. After the Rosary is finished, the recorded prayers are then combined into a single audio file available on YouTube. Praying with the world by your side has never been this simple.To make this happen, we redesigned and developed the website to make it reflect the group’s cause. Keeping it uncomplicated and effortless, we made sure that every action, button, and process was mapped out well. Each and every step of the process was then made into their own pages.


  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • User interface design
  • Front end development
  • Backend development


Rosary of the Nations