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  • An international floral company, Teleflora connects customers with their loved ones, no matter where they are in the world. Although based in Los Angeles, California, Teleflora has member florists all over the world, making your gift giving that much easier. Similarly, Teleflora Phils. has been running for more than 20 years, making the purchase of floral arrangements and gift ideas easy and convenient for customers all over the country.

The task

  • A rebrand was necessary to make it look younger and fresher. Teleflora Phil. tasked us to conceptualize a fresh new image for the brand. With that, we chose to go for a light, refreshing color scheme. Although bold and eye-catching, their previous colors such as navy blue and red were much too dark for their image.

The solution

  • Keeping key elements such as flowers and birds as their design icons, we made sure to stay true to their brand while adding a new twist to it. Keeping content similarly light, we incorporated clever, funny taglines in all of their communication materials. When creating new packaging designs to complete their new look, we designed classic yet charming designs to complement rather than overshadow their products.


  • Research and Strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Logo design
  • Identity systems
  • Marketing collaterls
  • Content strategy
  • Packaging