Fine Choices

Creating an identity for a health driven brand

Fine Choices' purpose is to re-introduce the true meaning of self-care - being healthy. Their goal is to provide access to healthy food options such as probiotic and organic frozen meats, seafood, vegan and vegetarian meat substitutes, pantry goods and more. Besides re-introducing health, they also want to give back to the community. This includes three (3) brand advocacies:
• Women's health: Specifically for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Endometriosis
• Mental Health
• Education for the less fortunate


• Research and Strategy
• Brand strategy
• Logo design
• Identity systems
• Marketing collaterals
• Content strategy
• Information architecture
• Copy writing

The Task

The company has been operating and serving their customers before reaching out to us. Their challenge was more on branding. Fine Choices asked us to help create an identity that best represent their purpose and what they believe in.

Our Solution

After several discovery meetings, we helped craft a brand personality that is based on their founder and their target consumers. A personality and tone that is spoken by a real person to ensure success in communication. Visual direction is light and colorful that signifies hope and happiness.


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