Himalaya Herbals


Founded in 1930, the company legacy now spans over 90 years. Starting from India, the products are now offered in over 100 countries and is still family owned.

Himalaya offers a full line of clinically-studied herbal formulations, certified USDA organic Single herbs, and a full line of body care products. Integrating the principles of traditional medicine with modern science.


• Social media marketing
• Social media management
• Influencer management
• Content creation
• Community management
• Campaign creation

The Task

&friends, an Indonesia based agency has been working with Himalaya Herbals for more than 5 years already. They partnered with us to manage the social media pages of Himalaya Herbals in the Philippines.

Our task is simple, plan and create content that is more personalized and less product centric. Content that connects and tells a story.


Himalaya Herbals