MD+ Clinic and Diagnostic Center

Providing the care that you deserve

It all started as an idea to challenge the common misconception of going-to-the-doctor: “How do we change this mindset to make patients feel more welcome? With a goal of Bringing Care Closer, MD+ Clinic and Diagnostic Center vision is to build a comfortable place to professionally cater healthcare needs that would engage and educate patients with their health.


• Research and Strategy
• Positioning
• Brand strategy
• Logo design
• Identity systems
• Marketing collaterals
• Website design and development

The Task

To communicate their goals through branding, visual identity, website and social media marketing that would represent how MD+ Clinic and Diagnostic Center and making it unique in consideration of medical professionalism and healthcare.

Our Solution

We worked in close collaboration with professional doctors to create a whole branding system easier to understand. We created a strategy that would make patients feel welcome making it relatable. We’ve helped them achieve their vision by making their branding, website, and social media launch and campaign consistent that would easily be recognized by potential patients and even healthcare workers.
Visuals are also focused on each space to be wider for users to breathe in every information that they will see. From colours used to the rounded edges and the font styles, every aspect of design represents their core values. The website we’ve developed was also made informational and functional wherein users can even book an appointment, calculate your own body mass index and other helpful features for patients to use. Continuing through social media, scheduled posts and campaigns contain helpful tips and reminders to gain attraction and trust.


• MD+ Clinic and Diagnostic Center