The Gorgeous Mess

The Online Home of Pretty Things


Simply put, The Gorgeous Mess is the online home of pretty things. This catchy tagline stays true to itself for obvious reasons. All of the products they sell are not just gorgeous but functional. The Gorgeous Mess approached us with a well-defined concept of what they want to achieve in the digital channels that they have.

The challenge was simple. With such a distinct vision for the brand, all we had to do was make what they had in mind come to life. They wanted us to produce visuals that symbolized the very essence of their products: to aesthetically represent the tagline without sacrificing the functionality of the website.


• Brand Identity
• Creative direction
• Marketing collaterals
• Digital marketing
• Website design

Our Solution

Our approach was even simpler. Direct and straight to the point, we set up different scenarios at home or at work that would show product usage. We made it a point to make the website more product-centric. Oftentimes, online shoppers get a very flat view of the products they’re buying. We wanted the customer to be able to imagine their products in a real-life context. The key was to show customers how the items shine where and how they were meant to be used.


• The Gorgeous Mess