Ignoring Your Customers.. Unintentionally

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Imagine working on a weekend and your calendar beeps prompting you that tomorrow is your girlfriend’s birthday. You’d do what every guy would by going to the mall, buy her a gift and an expensive bouquet of flowers.

The next day, you’re confidently waiting outside your girlfriend’s door step to give her your gift and the expensive bouquet. She finally opens the door and smiled when she saw the gift but stepped back a bit after seeing the flower. She then told you that she appreciates it but she’s allergic. Well sure, you didn’t want that to happen and you actually wanted to surprise her. What just happened? You ignored her… unintentionally.

The girlfriend scenario is just like how you might be ignoring your customers right now through your website, your social media platforms or your other communication efforts.

  • Ok so what am I supposed to do? Draft a survey and send it to them?

Well, that and so much more. A lot of businesses now are using social media and email marketing to reach out to their customers. But not all of them are doing it properly. It isn’t just about posting a nice picture of your product online or sending newsletters 8 times a week. It’s also understanding the performance of each effort and the demographics of your customers.

Start off by using these awesome web apps:

Google Analytics
Cost: Free

Google analytics is a powerful tool that records website data. It’s one of the most powerful website analytics tool used by marketers and agencies. By using Google Analytics, you can see your visitor’s demographics, location, search terms and how they behave on your website (where they landed first and went).

Cost: Starting at $19/month

Hootsuite is one of the many social media management tools available online. Users can schedule posts across different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in just one dashboard.

You can also track social media performance and engagement through the analytics tab. The system can show you several reports such as retweets, mentions, sentiments, geo distribution and many more.

Cost: Starting at $10/month

Other than using Mailchimp as a tool to create and send customized business emails and announcements, marketers also use Mailchimp’s reporting capabilities to understand the performance of emails being sent.

Reports tab can show you results such as click through rate (CTR), Open rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, etc.

These three are just a few ways on how you can study customers who are already engaged with your brand. Though all of these awesome features won’t help your company if you don’t study the data and use them to create an effective digital marketing plan.

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