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Imprenta Ko
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Imprenta Ko is an online market place for both print providers and consumers, both individual and corporate. The Imprenta Ko Team challenged us to create an identity that can stand out and grab the attention of their target customers.

During the team huddle, we thought of using colors that easily pop out. It was important to choose colors that grab your attention when placed on a flyer, poster, or even on digital media. After selecting the primary and secondary colors, we then identified bold fonts that are easy to read. Eschewing fancy typefaces and using clean and simple ones instead, we wanted to make a statement.

We then thought of different icons that could represent the brand - printers, papers, cellphones, and the like. Although these were helpful keywords, something was still missing. We went back to who and what the business is all about: it was a tech company. Universal and modern, we decided to use lines and circles to represent tick boxes and fields for customers and providers use to start and finish a project.

Not just another form. One of the most crucial task for this project was to think like a buyer and a printer that led to listing down lots and lots of scenarios. These scenarios help us understand how potential users may interact with the site. We also asked select individuals on both sides (buyer and provider) to test the prototype.