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Vista Cinemas
  • User Experience
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Brand Bible

Vista Cinemas, a subsidiary of the Villar Group, is a premiere cinema company bringing the complete entertainment experience for the whole family. With branches all over the country, the company offers the full movie experience from high-quality cinemas to indoor playgrounds.

Our challenge was easy enough. We were asked to design and develop a website that’s simple and easy to use. Keeping the customer experience in mind, we focused on making it possible for the customer to transact as fast as possible. Aside from that, we were tapped to create a brand book to ensure a seamless transition of the brand to the frontlines. It was important for Vista Cinemas to clearly relay their standards to their employees.

We did exactly that. We started off by creating a no-frills website for customers to quickly find what they were looking for and make a quick transaction. Taking it further, we wanted to come up with a look that’s different from all the existing cinema booking websites. Additionally, we made a user-focused mobile version of the website.